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What our Patients Say

"Visited today for the first time with an 8 year old boy. The environment was awesome and Brooke and Kaitlyn were fantastic. They made little guy, who has been feeling pretty crummy and has severe white coat anxiety, feel so safe and comfortable. He even said this was the “best visit to a doctor I’ve ever had”, and invented a new word “Nurstor” for Miss Kaitlyn. Bonus: Many meds are available right on-site and testing too! SS is a wonderful addition for healthcare to the community!"- Anonymous 

"It was very convenient to have a reliable medical service completed at the school. You took the time to care for ******'s needs at the time of the sports physical and went above and beyond to help complete the needed paperwork. The service was local and easily accessible. I appreciated knowing my son was receiving care from a community clinical who knows my family. 

Thank you for the great care Jamie!"- Anonymous 

"I wanted to find someone who would work with me in improving my health and not just throw medicine at me. Jamie is encouraging and knowledgeable, as well as tough when she needs to be!"- Anonymous 

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